Eric Mörth Photography

Eric is a researcher by profession and a photographer by heart.
He focuses his spare time on capturing the world how he sees it
and presents selected works on this website

Astrophotography and
Northern lights

The first time I saw the breathtaking absolute dark night sky in Norway I was speechless. The amount of stars to see was simply countless and I felt the urge to capture it in my pictures


Norway is my chosen home for my profession and the country is simply beautiful. You get amazing natural views here and the calmness of the land is simply amazing.


Travelling to Iceland was a life changing experience. The roughness of the country and the breathtaking sights made me realize how beautiful the north can be.


Icefield parkway is really one of the most scenic drives in the world. This combination of glacier lakes, rivers and mountains was really unique and unforgettable

Travelling in general

Travelling is my passion and shapes me as a person and photographer. It does not always have to be around the world, also the country you are living in has hidden gems.

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